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Toronto Blue Jays: Roberto Osuna case pushed back to August

Thursday 12 July, 2018 | RSS Feed

Toronto Blue Jays: Roberto Osuna case pushed back to August

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July 9 was a date a lot of Toronto Blue Jays fans probably had imprinted on their minds. After all, it represented the trial date for Roberto Osuna‘s domestic assault case to be heard.

However, the case has now been pushed to Aug. 1. As per Sportsnet’s Shi Davidi, this decision was made, to allow for further discussions between the defence and crown.
Osuna’s lawyer, Domenic Basile, explained that they are looking to find a resolution through a peace bond. If they are successful, it would result in the charge being withdrawn.

As per Davidi, under the terms of a peace bond, Osuna would make certain promises and face certain conditions. This would include agreeing to undergo counselling.

The 23-year-old has always maintained his innocence. However, if a peace bond cannot be agreed, pleasing not guilty will mean the case proceeds to trial.
Regardless of how the matter plays out, Osuna is not expected to serve any jail time. This is his first such assault charge, while also being the least serious one within the category.

Understandably, there are those who will question why the 2017 All-Star didn’t appeal his recent 75-game suspension by MLB? However, Basile advised that such a move would potentially drag the process deep into next year.
Of more importance, is the repeated stance that Osuna is not guilty. Basille briefly discussed the suspension and the case shortly after appearing on behalf of his client at Old City Hall courthouse in Toronto, on Monday:

“I want to make it clear, there is no admission of guilt by Roberto Osuna with respect to what happened with Major League Baseball, They imposed that suspension. He’s not appealing it and he’s not going through the process. It is a confidential agreement between Major League Baseball and the players association but again, there’s no admission of guilt by Roberto and it doesn’t change anything in the criminal court.”

Regardless, what we do know is that the 75-game suspension is more severe than was anticipated. Previous cases of a similar nature have incurred bans ranging between15 and 51 games.

Instead, as per Davidi, the suspension is the third longest ever under the joint domestic violence policy. There was even a report which suggested MLB were able to interview the alleged victim of the domestic assault, although Basille claimed this was news to him.

Osuna is expected to begin a rehab assignment on July 14, in Florida. He is eligible to return to action in the Majors on Aug. 5.

The Blue Jays have already stated the Sinaloa, Mexico native will return to his role as team closer. However, it remains to be seen if they will throw him straight in at the deep end, or slowly ease him back into action.

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