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Toronto Blue Jays Rumours: 4 trade destinations for J.A. Happ

Thursday 12 July, 2018 | RSS Feed

Toronto Blue Jays Rumours: 4 trade destinations for J.A. Happ

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Last season, theToronto Blue Jays did their best to get the best return for their top trade deadline chip in Francisco Liriano by acquiring Teoscar Hernandez.
Once again, the team will be looking to hit a home run with J.A. Happ who should fetch a better return but there’s a lot of unpredictability with the trade market. It usually starts with how many suitors there are, and how many pieces the Blue Jays would like to get back.

The Liriano-Hernandez deal is a perfect example of getting a quality piece rather than trying to get multiple players that might not all pan out. Obviously, the difference the value Happ has should mean that the Blue Jays will probably look for multiple pieces.

It is unclear what Toronto would try to get in return for the left-handed pitcher and he should get a team’s top prospect not necessarily a team’s number one player but a player that is closer to the MLB like Hernandez was.

Another point is that the Happ is a free agent that could return to the Blue Jays if that’s what his plans will be which would be a win-win situation for the team.

Here are the three teams that should be the frontrunners for Happ. 

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